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    - For WalletConnect(TM) connections you can set the amount of tokens you want to use for the swap after you confirmed the connection

    - Use "Swap Manually" if you want to use BTC / XRP / ADA or send from an exchange

    How to swap

    Choose currencyicon
    Choose currencyicon
    Pick one of our accepted cryptocurrencies you want to use for the swap
    Make depositicon
    Confirm the details and send the specified amount of the crypto asset to the generated address
    Get your coinsicon
    Get your AMZicon
    Receive a confirmation email including your Amazonwallet and get your AMZ deposited on a new Amazonwallet account.

    Reliable serviceReliable service

    What I love the most is that it really supports many coins and can easily switch in between the different blockchains. I noticed fast processing with any kind of swap or exchange and it worked flawlessly.
    Bobby Lee
    Bobby Lee
    Amazon is making the moves to bring more customers to crypto and this is the first large step due to the adoption into existing Amazon apps and services. Excited to see more in the future.
    Paul Puey
    Paul Puey
    This will be a milestone to how proper Web 3.0 wallets should look like and function. Amazon's visions were always a step ahead and this just proves that one more time.
    Konstantin Gladych
    Konstantin Gladych
    Fast crypto exchange

    Fast crypto swap

    The average time for swap processing is about 5 minutes. You can track the progress on the exchange page.

    • 98% Swaps completed in less than 30 minutes 🔥
      Swaps completed with the better exchange rate or deviated from estimate for less than 0.5%
    • 1m Tokens available
    • 1m Average Exchange Time
    Limitless exchange

    Limitless exchange

    Use Amazonwallet to swap most of the assets and tokens available on CoinMarketCap

    50 Tokens

    Buy crypto with fiat

    Make crypto purchases easy on Amazonwallet even if you don't own any for the exchange by using your credit or debit card

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